The Fellowship of OSSEA

This is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Orchid Society of South East Asia. The Fellowship of OSSEA is presented to individuals who have made important and visible contributions in the field of Orchidology. The presentation of the award is made during the World Orchid Conference, which is held once every three years. The total number of Fellows is limited to 36. Each Fellow is accorded all the rights and privileges of a life member, and is presented with a gold medal as a momento of his election.

2014 21st WOC (Johannesburg)
Mark W. Chase - U.K
Finn N. Rasmussen - Denmark
Steven Johnson - South Africa
Alec M. Pridgeon - U.K
2011 20th WOC (Singapore) John Homer Beaman - USA
Chen Wen Huei - Taiwan
Peter R. Furniss - USA
Rudolf Jenny - Switzerland
Peter O'Byrne - Singapore
Johan Hermans - UK
Jeffrey J.Wood - UK
2008 19th WOC (Miami) Mrs Donna Craig - USA
Mr Haruhiko Nagata - Japan
Dr Henry Oakeley - UK
2005 18th WOC (Dijon) Mr Gerald McCraith AM* - Australia
Dr Tan Wee Kiat - Singapore
Dr Philip J Cribb - U.K.
2002 17th WOC (Shah Alam) Mr Anthony Lamb - Malaysia
Syed Yusof Alsagoff - Singapore
The Hon Alasdair Morrison* - U.K.
1996 15th WOC (Rio de Janeiro) Dr Gunnar Seidenfadden* - Denmark
1990 13th WOC (Auckland) Mr James B Comber* - UK
Prof Joseph Arditti - U.S.A.
1981 10th WOC (South Africa) Dr Andrée Millar* - Papua New Guinea
Mr George A Alphonso* - Singapore
Prof E A Schelpe* - South Africa
1978 9th WOC (Bangkok) Dr Yeoh Bok Choon* - Malaysia
Prof Rapee Sagarik - Thailand
Mr Gordon W Dillon* - U.S.A.
1969 6th WOC (Sydney) Dr Georges Morel* - France
1966 5th WOC (Los Angeles) M Maurice Lecouflé* - France
Dr E Quisumbing* - Philippines
Mr H C Alexander* - U.K.
Mr W W Goodale Moir* - U.S.A.
1963 4th WOC (Singapore) Dr Hans Burgeff* - Germany
Dr R Eric Holttum* - Singapore
Dr V S Summerhayes* - U.K.
Dr G A L Melquist* - U.S.A.
Dr H Kamemoto - U.S.A